NICU livin’

I can’t believe that mister is a week and a half old! Where did the time go?!?


This is our second home. NICU bed 36.

For about a week, we spent time at a children’s hospital about an hour away from home. During all of my prenatal ultrasounds, mister had dilated kidneys on both sides. After he was born, they did a renal ultrasound that showed severe hydronephrosis. Because of the concern for how severe it was, they transferred him from the hospital where he was born to the children’s hospital (Primary Children’s Hospital) so we could meet with urology and nephrology.

From the tests they ran while at primary Children’s, we discovered he has grade 5 urinary reflux in his left kidney. This means that the urine is going back up the ureter into the kidney. They base it on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the worst. They said there is a chance he can out grow it, but we will follow up with another test in about 6 months. His left kidney is also a little thin where it should be fat, so we also have to keep an eye on that. Luckily, they’re hoping that the right kidney can compensate if needs be.

Urology and nephrology signed off on him for now. We will follow up with both of them in about 6 weeks just to make sure that he is still doing well.

Once they signed off, we started working with our insurance company to get him back to Utah Valley Hospital where he was born, which is also only about 10 minutes from home. We were lucky and had our prayers answered and he was able to be transferred back down! It beats driving through traffic over an hour each way just to see our baby!

For now, our NICU stay is going well. He’s on just a little bit of oxygen, which is just fine for him. He is a preemie so it just helps him and his lungs out a little bit.

He’s working on figuring out the business of eating. He’s doing really well, and has figured out the sucking business, we’re just working on the swallowing. He has great occupational therapists that have been working with him and teaching us exercises to help him get his suck stronger and work on positioning his tongue.

They give us the discharge timeline of his due date (March 16), but it all depends on how he is doing. Basically once he gets the eating figured out and is able to take a majority of his feedings by mouth, we could go home, even if he’s still on oxygen.

The hard thing we’ve discovered is people sometimes forget that he isn’t supposed to be born yet. He still gets overstimulated and stressed easily. We have been keeping visitors to a minimum so he can not get over stressed and focus on growing and eating. We also have been keeping visitors at bay because it is still respiratory season and the last thing we want to do is get him sick. So, if you’re reading this and have been turned down by us to visit him, don’t take it personal. 😬 It’s for the benefit of our sweet little babe and getting him home!



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