Our first IVF transfer

We transferred our two little embryos (or embabies as I call them) on Friday Sept. 25, 2015.  The fertility clinic that we go to recommends that you have three “princess days” following a transfer.  These princess days basically consist of being a couch potato. So, we came home, and my princess days began.

After they do the transfer, they typically wait for about 10 days before they do a blood pregnancy test to see if the transfer was successful or not. My blood test was scheduled for Tuesday Oct 6.  They call the time period between the transfer and the blood test the two week wait.  Your mind goes crazy during this time.  You over analyze every little twinge and feeling that you have!

On Saturday Oct. 3, Alex had left to go with some of my family to the priesthood session.  I remember getting into the shower while he was gone and feeling fine, when suddenly, I felt like I was going to pass out!  I remember getting out of the shower and laying on the floor, because I didn’t want to hurt myself.  I texted Alex and told him I needed him to come home right away, that something was terribly wrong!

By the time he got home, I was feeling a little better. He forced me to eat a little more and drink some Powerade.  The next morning, I decided to take a home pregnancy test just to see what it said.  I wasn’t expecting anything, but where I had the episode I did the night before, I figured why not!


The test had come back positive!  I couldn’t believe it! I had NEVER seen two lines before! So, obviously, I had to take a few more just to make sure.  I went in for my blood test, and for the first time in the entire journey, the nurse actually was excited to tell me my results, and they were great! I was actually pregnant!

Both of our families knew that we were in this process, so we soon shared with both of our parents our news! We were so happy and hopeful that things were actually playing out in our favor!


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