Bess Family


Hello there!

We are Alex and Necia Bess.  Necia is the one who runs this site primarily.

This is our story. Our story of struggling with infertility for 5 years. Being lucky enough to be able to have our insurance cover an IVF cycle 100%. Our journey with our twins who passed away at 21 weeks. Finding the strength and courage to do a frozen embryo transfer a few months shortly after loosing our twins. And now our journey with our sweet baby boy. Born at 33 weeks with Down Syndrome, and it a ray of sunshine.

Its been a long, rough journey, but we are excited to be here and wouldn’t want to be any where else. Come along on our journey through this crazy thing we call life!

Please feel free to read our blog to get a better picture of our journey! You can find it at the top of this page, or our most recent posts to the right.

We hope you enjoy following along on this journey and that it somehow touches your life in some way!